9 Types of KETO Diet Variations

9 Types of KETO Diet Variations

Here are 9 Types of Keto Diet Variations: Which one suits you best?

The KETO or Ketogenic diet -  a low carb high fat (LCHF) way of eating style that pushes your body to burn fats instead of glucose for fuel. Apart from the weight loss, this fast-gaining popularity diet has a host of many other benefits including blood glucose management, hormonal balance and athletic performance boost.

Just like many things, there is more than one way to adapt this way of eating into your diet. Which one do you prefer?

1. The Original KETO - First developed in the 1920s as a treatment for childhood epilepsy.
Macros approx. ~80% Fats ~15% Protein ~5% Carbs with 3 small meals & 3 small snacks & vitamin supplements (Source) 
Common uses: Neurological treatment & certain types of cancers.

2. Standard KETO - The most common type of ketogenic low carb diet
Macros approx. ~ 70% fats ~ 20% Protein ~ 10% Carbs (Source) 
Common Uses: Weight loss & type 2 diabetes reversal.

3. High Protein KETO - Quite similar to the Atkins & Dukan diet
Macros approx.. ~ 60% fats ~ 35% Protein ~ 5% Carbs (Source) 
Common Uses: Weight loss, strength training & muscle preservation


4. Cyclical KETO – includes 1-2 days a week of carbs consumption. Or even 1 meal a day of higher carb consumption. (Source) 
Macros approx. for Carb days: ~60%-70% Carbs ~15-20% Protein ~5-10% Fats +++
Macros for the non-carb days will be the same as standard KETO.
Common Uses: Weight loss, athletic performance boost & overall nutritional balance.

5. Targeted KETO – consume your carbs about 30mins before workout 
Macros approx. similar to standard KETO (Source)
Common Uses: Build lean muscle mass, improve athletic performance & prevent muscle fatigue

6. Mediterranean KETO or KETO 2.0 – higher consumption of fish, plants & olive oil (Source)
Macros approx. ~50% Fats ~30% Protein ~20% Carbs +++ 
Common Uses: Weight loss, health maintenance, better nutritional balance & long term sustainability


7. KETO Woman or KETO Hormonal Balance (Source)
Macros approx. ~ 40%-70% Fats ~ 10% to 30% protein Carbs 5% -20% (Varies according to the menstrual cycle) +++
Common Uses: Weight loss, hormonal balance, lessen side effects like mood swings, menstrual cycle & hair loss.

8. Clean KETO – emphasizes on clean food of grass-fed, wild caught & free range origins (Source)
Macros approx. ~ Similar to the above KETO variations +++
Common Uses: Sustainability, Metals Discharge & Detoxification, Improved Bioavailability

9. Dirty KETO – mainly focused on carb count and sticking to macros
Macros approx. ~ Similar to the above KETO variations
Common Uses: Sociability, lack of clean options, ease of convenience

Whichever variation of low carb or KETO diet you belong to, the sheer recognition of your carb awareness & health knowledge has already empowered you with the ability to make better & healthier choices. 

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Be Happy.


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