SuperPop Foods

SuperPop Food Promise

All Low Carb/ Sugar Free – Sugars, both natural, unrefined and refined can cause blood glucose levels to surge & increase. All of SuperPop foods are low in net carbohydrates (carbs that have an impact on blood glucose levels) and does not contain any kind of added sugar that can cause significant rises in blood glucose levels or are harmful to the body. Our foods are constantly being monitored & tested for its effects on blood glucose levels so as to uphold the utmost nutritional integrity.   

Our sweetener of choice is Monkfruit (LuoHanGuo) Erythritol & Stevia – studies have shown that these are the best sweeteners that add real natural sweetness to the foods with minimal changes to blood sugar levels.

The undesirable effects of sugar has become more and more evident over the years. It has been found to be the cause of obesity, inflammation, cancer, premature aging, impaired cognitive functions & depression. Not only that,  “High-sugar foods can negatively impact your energy levels by causing a spike in blood sugar followed by a crash”  leading to an assortment of diseases and other inter-related health issues.

SuperPop Foods DO NOT contain any sugar, have ingredients that contain sugar or have ingredients that are high in carbs (natural sugars).

Nutrient Dense – Instead of carbs/sugars, our foods are densely packed with important nutrients like quality protein, essential fatty acids, beneficial vitamins, rich minerals and antioxidants. These are critical nourishment that the body requires to build a strong immunity system and a healthy body. Although some of our foods might be high in fats but they are the healthy good fats which the body requires.  

Gluten Free – A type of protein that is usually found in wheat, rye, barley & spelt. Over the years, the growing wheat consumption has led to altered farming methods & technological intervention. Many commercial producers has resorted to genetic modifications (GMO) in order to meet the growing demand of wheat. To us, this means messing around with Mother Nature, and we don't believe in that. Also, this could be one of the reasons why there have been an increase in the population of gluten intolerant individuals. Gluten can cause various digestion problems like rashes, stomach discomfort, fatigue, mineral deficiencies etc. among people with celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity and people with poor digestive systems. 

Considering the above and the amount of wheat that is commonly found in our everyday foods, we have decided to give our guts a break and go gluten-free as well. 

Preservatives & Harmful Chemicals Free – Unnatural preservatives and harmful chemicals can wreak havoc in the body system. One might argue that only a small amount is present, but toxins can accumulate over time and every bit matters especially if it is consumed on a daily basis.

For this same reason, you might find that our foods might sometimes have a shorter shelf life than others. Not only do we not add any unnatural preservatives/ harmful chemicals to our foods, we also check that our ingredients do not contain any of those nonsense as well.

Made with Quality Fresh Natural Ingredients - In our SuperPop Kitchen,  everything (well, almost) is made from scratch. We like ingredients to be clean, fresh, non GMO, sustainable and of a certain quality level. We don’t believe in unhealthy flavor enhancers, food fillers, additives & foodstuffs that does not serve to improve health.

Another important criteria of our ingredient is the source - Where & How it is grown and cultivated. Things we look out for include farming methods, terrain conditions, supplier credibility & reliability, sustainability, eco-friendliness and a few others. 

Taste Variation for Gut Microbiome Diversity - Occasionally Inconsistent & Non-Conventional. Yup, we are but we have a damn good reason for it. That is gut microbiome diversity; In other words, the more different types of good bacteria you have in your digestive systems the more well protected you will be to undesirable health issues. (Read more about the importance of good gut health) While we might maintain the original recipe and cooking method, the change of ingredient source might sometimes result in a slight tweak of flavours. Maybe you might taste it, maybe you won't. But it is all done with good intention to create a vibrant, resilient & adaptable microbiome to create a strong healthy you. 

Our goal is to bring you the best nourishment of each ingredient using only wholesome and natural methods.