SuperPop Good Practices


What makes SuperPop foods so unique and exquisite? Why is it so good? What makes it nutrient dense? What makes it worth?

These are just some of the fundamental questions and processes that all our foods have to undergo before they earn the right to be a SuperPop food.

We will make sure that the ingredients are pure & good for you so that you don't have to worry about a thing. 

SuperPop Ingredients & Food Qualifying Process

For Real Whole Foods – e.g. Nuts, Vegetables, Meats, etc…

  • Is it grown naturally and not genetically modified (GMO)?
  • Does it come from an ethical source/farm that does not use harmful pesticides, chemicals or undesirable farming methods?
  • Has it been properly treated without bleaching, unapproved chemicals or unnecessary processing or heat treatment?
  • Is it hormone-free and anti-biotic -free?
  • Does it have a low Glycemic Index (GI) <50 & low Glycemic Load (GL) <10?
  • Is it gluten-free and uncontaminated?
  • Is it nutrient-dense and does it have significant health benefits?

 Food Products – Oils, Creams, Canned Foods, etc…

  • Does it come from an ethical source/farm that does not use harmful pesticides, chemicals or undesirable farming methods?
  • Does it contain any GMO ingredients, harmful chemicals, additives or preservatives?
  • Does it contain any added sugar (of any kind) including, glucose, fructose, any (-ose), syrups (brown rice, agave, etc), maltodextrin, any (-rin) or any harmful sweeteners that will spike blood glucose levels significantly?
  • Does it contain any artificial flavoring, coloring or undesirable substances?
  • Does it contain any gluten, soy or corn?
  • Does it contain any poor quality or inflammatory oils from vegetables, seeds, etc?
  • Does it pass the 5:1 fiber rule?  
  • Is it properly packed or stored in a non-reactive packaging/environment that is able to uphold the optimal quality of the product?
  • Has the food product been properly handled without unwanted chemicals, unnecessary processing or heat treatment?
  • Is it nutrient-rich and does it impart outstanding health benefits?


SuperPop Processing, Baking & Cooking Methods

  • Top Notch Hygiene – Spotless, uncontaminated, germ-free, no yucky stuff; these are just a few of the hygiene principles we go by. At SuperPop, we value good hygiene practices. In fact, not only do we adhere, but we exceed industry standards.  We believe in CLEAN: Constantly Loving Everything Around Nicely
  • Surrounding & Environment – In our SuperPop kitchen, we bask our foods and equipment with 432 Hz, the magic miracle vibration that boosts positive energy and healing effects. Some people believe in it, some people diss it. For us, it is beautiful frequency anyway and it might just give off some lovely vibes. So why not?  
  • Food Recipes & Combinations – Just like how some flavors pair well with certain foods, the same goes here as well. Certain food combinations improve the bioavailability of nutrients and enhances the body’s ability to absorb those nutrients. For e.g. Combining black pepper and turmeric improves the body’s ability to absorb the key component, curcumin; Vitamin C has been shown to enhance iron absorption; Fat-soluble vitamins are taken in best with higher fat foods. Each ingredient is there for a reason, which is to achieve and optimise nutrient density.
  • Cooking & Heat treatment – Cooking or putting food through heat can affect the nutritional content and chemical composition & structure of a food. While the right method of cooking aids digestion and absorption of nutrients, the wrong methods not only greatly reduce the amount of vitamins and minerals but also creates oxidation and formation of harmful carcinogenic substances. This is why our nuts are roasted at a low temperature around 130 degree Celsius; enough to kill the bacteria and enhance the taste yet keeping nutrient loss at a minimal level.   
  • Equipment & Storage Containers – Stainless steel, glass & wood are the main materials we insist on using for our all equipment & storage containers. Why is it? Potential toxin leakage from other materials like aluminium, plastics, non-stick wares, etc. There are studies that show that aluminium cookware has been associated with Alzheimer’s disease and various health risks. Plastic has always been our least favourite material due to both environmental and health issues too. At SuperPop, we try to minimise contact between our food (especially hot foods) and plastics to lower the possibility of any chemical/toxic exchange.

SuperPop Packaging

  • Sustainability & Eco-friendly – To be honest (TBH)… we started with a crystal intention to completely cut and avoid plastics. However, it has proved to be a much bigger challenge than we anticipated. Nonetheless, we do strive to keep our packaging and plastic usage to a minimum for reduced wastage & plastic pollution. We continue to push on and are constantly on the lookout for better packaging solutions and plastic substitutes. When possible, we will always choose eco-friendly materials over non-sustainable ones. Expect to see natural materials, real herbs & leaves or dried flora as part of the packaging. If you prefer to do without the packaging, or BYO, do let us know - We will be more than happy to explore & accommodate. 
  • Creative Design & Functionality – Rarely do these 2 terms come together in a nice balance, but we will try our best. At the end of the day, we hope that our product have served you well, gave you health and carved you a smile.