Our Beliefs

SuperPop Mission  

  • Encourage Healthy Food & Lifestyle Choices 
  • Build a Green & Sustainable Environment 
  • Spread Happiness & Positivity 

SuperPop Principles 

Au natural – We believe in the forces of Nature, fruits from Mother Earth; All our ingredients are as pure and simple as it should be. No preservative, additives, or unnecessary processing. 

Tasting yummy is important, but so are the consequences – We will only give it to you if it delicious but also builds and nourishes your health. Sorry, but we won’t add it if it is bad for you.  

Consideration before creation – Each recipe, ingredient & combination is there for a reason; Be it for the body, mind or soul, it is there to serve you and to nurture you.  

Respect traditions yet embrace progress – Grandma's recipes are amazing and we love them too. We strive to preserve the essence of their love and constantly refine it with the latest research & practices.     

Happiness is key – Smiles, joy, laughter; at the end of the day, this is our ultimate goal. What you put in or on your body affects your mood & mental wellbeing. Trust us, we only want the best for you.   

Clean Sources of Nutrient-Rich Foods for People-on-the-Go    

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