Ketogenic (KETO) Diet Meals Delivery

Ketogenic (KETO) Diet* – Less than 20g of net carbs per day

A Ketogenic (KETO) Diet is a low carb high in healthy fats way of eating that encourages the body to burn fats instead of glucose for energy.  

Reported health benefits include:

  • Weight Lost & Improved Metabolism
  • Lowered Blood Glucose Levels
  • Better Cognitive Function & Energy Levels 

Best suited for quick accelerated weight loss, diabetics, improvements in certain health conditions, people with KETO diet experience, or the determined go-getters.

Just like many things, change often takes time to settle; Nobody started with being able to run 10km immediately without getting any muscle aches or sore. As the body adapts to the reduced glucose intake and shifts to fat burning, some possible side effects like Keto Flu might occur. However, studies and various real-life case studies has shown that these symptoms will disappear over time as one gets used to the nutritional change. 

Our focus is always in using real whole foods & premium ingredients only.  

Here are some sample menus for your reference. Kindly contact us if you need to get in touch with us for a better understanding of our food. Menu changes daily. 

Delivery Frequency:Once every 2-3 days, additional charges apply for daily delivery. 

Storage & Heating: All our meals will be delivered chilled. They should be kept refrigerated below 4C to ensure freshness. To reheat, simply follow the specified instructions on the box. 

No. of Meals = 3 Meals + 1 snack x No. of Days Selected

Our Estimated Daily Nutritional Values: Calories 1200, Total Fat 80g, Protein 80g, Net Carbs 20g  

Sample Local Menu:

  • Breakfast – Kopi “Bulletproof" with Ghee & MCT & Eggs
  • Lunch – Singapore Laksa
  • Dinner - Hainanese Chicken Cauli-flower Rice
  • Snack - SuperPop Intense Choc Fudge Nutrient Bombs 

Sample Western Menu:

  • Breakfast – Egg Muffins & Green Salad
  • Lunch – Grilled Chicken with Coleslaw
  • Dinner - English Cottage Pie
  • Snack – SuperCookie     

Sample Vegetarian Menu:

  • Breakfast – SuperBuns with Nut Butter
  • Lunch – Spinach & Mushroom Burrito
  • Dinner – Mediterranean Vegetable Stew
  • Snack - Walnut Carrot Cake

*Disclaimer: This is our proposed meal plan for a Ketogenic diet. It is specially tailored in accordance to the guidelines of a Keto Diet in order to achieve its suggested benefits. During this period, it is up to the individual's discretion to decide if other foods should be consumed. Always consult your healthcare professional before embarking on any diet plan. 

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