FRESHLY MADE ~ Nutrient Dense ~ KETO ~ Low Carb ~ Gluten & Sugar Free ~ Superfoods


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~ Curbs the Appetitie

~ Stimulates Cell Renewal

~ Full of Antioxidants, Polyphenols & Phytonutrients

2g x 10 individually packed tea bags in a box

A revitalising concoction to stimulate autophagy & cell rejuvenation. Activating autophagy improves the efficiency of cellular activities by recycle & repair, promotes brain functions & increases skin radiance. 

Ingredients: Pure Ceylon Black Tea with Real Bergamot Extract, Pesticide-free Organically Grown Takayamacha, Organic Cacao & Organic Ceylon Cinnamon 

How to enjoy: Pour freshly boiled water into a cup/mug with 1 Autophagy Tea bag. Let it seep for 2mins or longer to awake the polyphenols & natural aromas of the premium tea leaves. Optional: Add a tbsp of MCT, coconut oil or ghee to stay full longer

Storage Instructions: Keep in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

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