3 Day Low Carb Meal Box

Always wanted to try a low-carb diet but not sure how to start? Here's a pre-prepared 3 day low carb meal box specially crafted by our health & nutrition team. 


Day 1: 

Breakfast - SuperPop Almond Bread & SuperPop Intense Choc Fudge

Lunch - Hungarian Beef Goulash with Buttered Pumpkin Mash

Dinner - Baccala alla Siciliana with Carrot Zucchini Cake Bar

Snack - Roasted Mixed Nuts with Pink Himalayan Salt

Drink - Apple Cider Vinegar with Cinnamon Ginger

Nutritional Info:Calories 1349, Total Healthy Fats 78.9g, Total Carbs 48.2g, less Dietary Fibre 20.1g, Net Carbs 28.1g, Protein 106.5g

Day 2:

Breakfast - SuperPop Freaky Green Bun & Cinnamon Butter Toast

Lunch - Swordfish Otak with Zucchini Bread 

Dinner - Magic Maca Mushroom Soup with Crostini

Snack - Santorini Tzatziki with Veggie Sticks

Drink - Lemon & Thyme Infusion Cocktail

Nutritional Info: Calories 1223, Total Healthy Fats 77.4g, Total Carbs 49.3g, less Dietary Fibre 21.4g, Net Carbs 27.9g, Protein 73.2g 

Day 3:

Breakfast - SuperPop Goji Bun & Kaya Ondeh Ondeh

Lunch - Marsala Butter Chicken with Cauliflower Rice

Dinner - Angus Cheeseburger Soup with Garlic Herb Bread 

Snack - Forest Berry Cake Bar

Drink - Apple Cider Vinegar with Cinnamon Ginger

Nutritional Info: Calories 1319, Total Healthy Fats 84.6g, Total Carbs 46.8g, less Dietary Fibre 15.2g, Net Carbs 31.6g, Protein 86.8g  

* If you have any dietary restrictions or would like to make changes to the menu selection, please feel free to contact one of our friendly staff. Other options available include Spicy Beef Keema, Thai Coconut Marlin, Hearty Vegetable Stew, Egg Fritatta and many others.  

Wait a minute, that's not all. It also includes:

  • SuperPop Revita-Tea worth $18
  • SuperPop Chiller Bag worth $23
  • SuperPop Travel Pillow worth $25
  • SuperPop T-shirt worth $29
  • 1 yr SuperPopStore Membership worth $120 with an automatic 15% discount of all products
  • Exclusive event invitations, special promotions & newletters on the latest health, wellness & nutrition news
  • Priority access to new products & services launches
  • Additional discounts & privileges at other partnering stores.
  • Be a part of our community & join in our monthly party to interact with other health & wellness focused individuals. 

Don't be the one who always pushes things till tomorrow, start now & take charge of your health today!


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