Specialised Diets

We specialise in customised eating plans and unique dietary requirements. 

Different foods have different effects on different people. Some individuals might thrive on plants while others do better with meats. 

Also, your dietary needs will change and evolve at different points of time in your life. Some people might have a food allergy at birth, but then outgrow it at a later stage in life. 

Others might not have a food intolerance at birth, but suddenly develop an intolerant condition towards it. 

Or another, might have a medical condition or health goal that requires a certain way of eating. 

Very often, this new diet or eating requirements can be quite a challenge. From the food preparation, knowledge and know-how to emotional upheavals. 

So this is where we come in to help. 

Diet Plans, Meal Planning, Kitchen Planning, Grocery Shopping, Customised Meals, Emotional Support, Eating Disorders Healing, etc

We offer a wide range of services to help you stay on dedicated food journey. 

For more details, simply drop us a note with your dietary requirements and requests to find out more about what we can do for you.

Email to hello@superpopstore.com or Whatsapp to +65 8182 2151