Our Top Healthiest Sausages

Sausages are quick & easy to prepare convenience foods that effortlessly tops everyone's favourites list. Bursting with flavour and umami juices, this popular party food is a hit with not just the kids but adults as well. 

But if you're watching your health, you might feel like the sausage party is off-limits. Fear not, my health-conscious friends! Healthy sausages are here to save the day!

These lean, mean, protein machines come in all kinds of flavours and varieties. Made with high-quality ingredients and filled with goodstuff only. 

Jill's Sausages - Handcrafted in Singapore with the freshest meat, spices & herbs. Free from nitrates, chemicals and nasty chemicals

Our top 3 favourites are: Sage & Fennel Sausage, Raclette & Cheddar Kransky, Roast Garlic Sausage  About $11-13 per pack with all natural ingredients. Seems to be gluten free as well based on their ingredients list. 

Baggie's Boerewors Beef & Pork Sausage - Hailing at an impressive 1kg, this South African style showstopper is trans fat free and lactose free and contains over 90% meat (rest is water & spices) stuffed in natural hog casing

Get it here

The Butcher's Dog English Cumberland Sausage - the difference between a cumberland sausage and a regular pork sausage is that the meat of a cumberland sausage is chopped rather than minced. We love the simplicity of ingredients in this, only pork, lard & spices. 

Get Cumberland Sausage here

RedMart Free Range Pork Sausage Platter - Gluten Free, Carbon Neutral & Special Attention for High Animal Welfare. Comes in 4 flavours with 2pcs each: Cranberry & Chestnut, AppleSage & Herbs, Spanish Herbs, Irish Herbs.

Get 800g of delicious sausages for $24.15 here

Ryan's Organic Sausages - a butchery born out of love for their son with food intolerances towards dairy, gluten and other common allergens. We love their wide variety of meats and flavours which caters to differing tastebuds and dietary requirements. Our favourites are:

Ryan's Organic Gluten Free Chicken Sausage

Ryan's Organic Lamb Farmhouse Sausage

Ryan's Free Range Pork Apple Sage & Rosemary Sausage


with love & good health always