Eat Fat First!

Eat fat first, seriously? Might sound kinda ridiculous (Read: The Big Fat Story)

Especially so when we been educated by the mainstream system to avoid fats and consistently conditioned to choose low fat options. 


Did you know that regardless of what diet you are following – Paleo, Mediterranean, Diabetic, KETO, Blood Type, DASH, Raw, Vegan, ZONE, Weight Watchers, South Beach, Zone, Low Carb, etc...  

Good fats are BENEFICIAL & ESSENTIAL to build a healthy body.    

In fact...  

Fat is your body’s preferred fuel because 

  • Fat is satiating & curbs unhealthy cravings resulting in better food management 
  • Fat enhances absorption of important vitamins & nutrients 
  • Fat is the only macronutrient that promotes autophagy 

Main benefits of eating healthy fats first 

  • Awaken your fat metabolism – Fats help to suppress hunger and stimulate positive movements in leptin, ghrelin, and other useful hormones. They increase fat burning states, reduce fat storage reduction and boost metabolic rates.  
  • Regulates blood sugar and reduce insulin spikeFat delays the absorption of glucose in the blood and moderate insulin response.   
  • Improve cardiac health – Balances the cholesterol in the body by lowering LDL and increasing HDL thus reducing the risks of heart diseases.  
  • Boost brain functions – Almost 60% of your brain is made up of fats. To maintain optimal brain health, the body needs to consume EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) 
  • Increased energy and overall happiness -  Enjoy higher energy levels and reduce sugar crashes & mood swings.  

Ways to eat more fat 

  • Choose whole full fat ingredients – Stock up with natural whole foods – avocados, eggs, full fat creams, wild caught omega3 rich fish, etc... Anything that says low fat or fat free is not what you want here. Also, it is more likely to be processed and filled with sugar or carbohydrates. Reduced fat, lite, nonfat are all no-go. 
  • Top up a dish with fat – Olive oil, butter, good mayonnaise, flaxseeds, pinenuts, coconut flakes, cheese, olives, almonds, nuts not only increase your fat intake but also enhance the flavour profiles of your cuisine.  
  • Fatty snacks treats - Go for wholesome good fats like avocados, nuts,  eggs, etc... Read your labels and pay attention to the content & source of the ingredients; it should be low carb, sugar free, pure and natural. 
  • Add fats into your liquids – Blend cream or butter into your coffee/tea, add avocado, nuts or seeds into your smoothies, drizzle that extra bit of fat into your soup. Do note that this adds to part of your meal or could even be a meal itself. It serves to refuel your body, counter hunger and delay eating.  

Amongst these options, one of the easiest and most delicious way is to add SuperPop Healthy Treats into your diet. Enjoy it on its own, as a pre-meal appetiser, or as a snack. SuperPop - Clean healthy fat treats bursting with super nutrients to boost health and nourish the body.  

Historically, eating fat first took place back in the ancient times across various races & cultures but it got lost with modernisation. (Read: Comparing Food Cultures) Fortunately, this way of eating has been rediscovered & adopted by hundreds of thousands and millions of people across the world e.g Glow15, Ketogenic, LCHF dieters, Intermittent Fasters, etc - each individual seeing incredible results in their own body.

Change can sometimes be uncomfortable particularly when it is deep rooted habit or belief. Sometimes you just need to allow yourself time to explore, understand and then adjust your eating mindset & habits towards fats.

Little by little, bit by bit, you will soon see the positive effects it has towards your physical and mental health. 

 “Change does not happen overnight, everything starts with one small step”