Food Service Trade Partner


With growing awareness of health & nutrition, the average consumer is becoming increasingly conscious about their food choices and nutritional intake. Dietary requirements such as gluten free, dairy free, KETO, plant based or vegan seems to be more common than ever before. It is a growing segment of consumers that should be catered to in order to stay competitive in the F&B industry.

Preparation of such foods require specific nutritional knowledge and often a dedicated facility to avoid cross contamination. Therefore, it is not area that can be easily handled by many food establishments.

As a rare 100% dedicated gluten & sugar free kitchen, we are suitably equipped with the necessary knowledge and facility to cater to a variety of diet restrictions.

+ Breads, Cakes, Savoury Bakes & Desserts

+ Ready-to-Eat Meals, Pizzas & Sauces 

+ White Label & OEM customisation recipes 

+ Healthy, Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

+ Freshly Made with High Quality Ingredients

+ Easy to Manage, Fast & Efficient

If you are interested to finding out more or would like to arrange for a sampling and discussion, please email us at or contact Clara See at 9648 3605