SuperPop - Clean Sources of Nutrient-Rich Foods for People-On-The-Go

  • At SuperPop, we are dedicated to bring you clean sources of pure quality nutrient dense foods for the body, mind & soul.
  • All our products are made from scratch using whole foods and ingredients that are natural, free from chemicals and also environment-friendly & sustainable.
  • No additives, preservatives or foreign fillers are added into our product & the ingredient we put inside.
  • We make sure to go the extra mile to check that there are no unnatural substances, harmful chemicals or inconsiderate processing.


Every product from SuperPop is an Ultimate Nutrient Bomb - Each one of our products are grown/made from either organic or chemical free ingredients with minimal processing and optimal heat treatment to retain the utmost level of nutritional value in the food.

Every single recipe and ingredient are mindfully concocted to boost the nutrient bioavailability so as you can get the most out of each food. These intricate combinations also enhance the body's ability to absorb the maximum optimal amount of nourishment.    

Our foods are Super because of the high nutritional content of each product and the way different ingredients complement each other to nurture desirable intake of wholesome goodness + Pop because it is convenient, no-fuss and ready-to-eat, just pop & go = SUPERPOP 

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SuperPop /ˈsuːpəpɒp/

Noun: a yummy treat bursting with pure natural goodness bestowed by Mother Earth - Superbly nutritious and incredibly satisfying.

“Hey, I need some pampering, please give me a SuperPop right now"

Verb: convince (someone) in a wholesome and delectable manner with SuperPops. *Might cause enhanced vitals and strengthened abilities. 

“My friend rejected my idea at first, but I managed to SuperPopped her into submission."

Adjective: (something) delicious yet healthy and enjoyable. Only made with good quality natural ingredients and positive vibes. It also has no preservatives and other health baddies.

“These are the best-ever avocado brownies, it is SuperPop eh"