7 Key Benefits of Short Term KETO

Some people think that Keto is only effective if you do it for the long term. But that is not necessarily true. There are benefits to doing a short term KETOGENIC diet as well. 

Sugar Detox – a high carb diet & insufficient activity levels can lead to an accumulation of excess fats and sugar in the storage. Due to the lack of carbs, a ketogenic diet is a quick & efficient way of forcing your body to burn off the additional sugars & fats storage.

Cut Sugar Addiction – The lack of sugar/carbs will significantly help to break the sugar consumption habits and gradually relieve the addiction to sweets.

Better Blood Glucose Levels – Elevated fasting blood glucose levels can be symptomatic or warning signals of diabetes & metabolic syndrome. For many individuals, a short 14 days KETO diet will already be effective enough show results & improvements in their blood sugar readings.   

Weight Loss -  As if there isn’t enough success stories of KETO weight loss circulating all around social media and the WWW. The initial phase of a ketogenic diet will remove one of the first inhibitors to weight lost, water retention. Actual fat loss will progress over time as one stays in the diet for a longer period of time. Many times, the amount of weight loss desired and diabetes control are the most common reasons of staying in a KETO diet for the long term.

Commitment free Trial – Switching diets can be scary, uncomfortable & inconvenient. To some people, it can quite a core-shaking experience as multiple dimensions of their lives are centered around food. During a short term KETO, you will take this time to better understand how this Way of Eating works, whether it is suitable for you, how your body reacts towards it and access whether it is a diet that fits your lifestyle.    

Improved Energy Levels – Due to the nutrient density & macros of a Low Carb Healthy Fats, KETO diet, the occurrence of sugar crash or brain fog is almost non-existent. Once the body learns how effectively run on ketones, mental clarity & improved endurance will become more apparent. 

Metabolic Reset – Due to the mainstream education & eating habits, most diets have trained individual bodies to be sugar burners that run glucose. Going on a KETO diet from time to time can help to train your body to burn fats for energy instead of solely relying on glucose or sugars.

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