Organic Strawberry Lime & Rosemary Infused Kangen Water

Reap the incredible benefits of natural organic fruit vitamins & nutrients and replenish your electrolytes with our fruity alkaline hydrogen water infusion.

Our Infusion Method - 

Step 1:Source for the best organic fruits from clean & ethical farms.

Step 2:Wash the fruits thoroughly with our all natural, non-chemicals organic green formula ETL9.

Step 3:Infuse the cut fruits into a glass jars of fresh Kangen (Alkaline Ionized) water for 8 hours at between 2-8C.

Step 4:Strain for any excess natural particles and streamed into individual packs before sending out.  

Ingredients: Alkaline Ionized Kangen Water, Organic Strawberry, Organic Lime, Organic Rosemary & Pink Himalayan Salt 

Weight: 280ml

Nutritional Info Per Serving (280ml):Negligible as this is an infusion and NOT a juice or extract 

Natural floating particles that might be found in the water is inherent from the fruit or herbs used. 


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