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KETO Cauli-Rice Bento Set

KETO Vegetarian Cauli-Rice Bentos


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KETO Vegetarian Cauli-Rice Bentos

Especially for Vegans and/or Vegetarians 

Bento meals are delivered chilled. Keep refrigerated between 2-4C for up to 2 days or freeze up to 3 months for extended storage.

Each bento meal comes with a surprise fatbomb dessert (less than 100 calories & 3g net carbs)

Stewed Mushroom Pot Cauli-Rice Bento (Vegan) Nutrition: Calories 413, Total Healthy Fats 29.3g, Total Carbs 14.7g less Dietary Fiber 4.2g = Net Carbs 10.5g, Protein 33.1g

Curry Chap Chye Cauli-Rice Bento (Vegan) Nutrition: Calories 426, Total Healthy Fats 31.1g, Total Carbs 13.6g less Dietary Fiber 4.2g = Net Carbs 9.4g, Protein 24.5g 

Sweet & Sour Tempeh Cauli-Rice Bento (Vegan) Nutrition: Calories 397, Total Healthy Fats 29.2g, Total Carbs 9.9g less Dietary Fiber 4.2g = Net Carbs 5.7g, Protein 33.5g  

3 Cheese Baked Cauli-Rice Bento Nutrition: Calories 593, Total Healthy Fats 44.9g, Total Carbs 11.5g less Dietary Fibre 4.3g = Net Carbs 7.2g, Protein 38.2g

Heating Instructions: Microwave on medium high heat for about 3-4 mins or until hot. 


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