The Healthy Food Syndrome

The Healthy Food Syndrome

The “Healthy Food” Syndrome



“Hey, this is healthy, eat this”

“This is high in protein, it is good for you”

“This is sugar free and healthy, eat it.”

Does all this sound familiar to you? 

Often enough I wonder, is there is such thing as too much of a good thing? Just because something is wholesome or is a better option, does it mean it should be indulged in and we should consume a lot of it?  

Our body, our minds, our health, our environment, our options, everything, undergo several changes every day, every year, all the time. So while a certain food is considered nutritious or healthy in terms of nutritional profile, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is healthy for you at that exact point of time in your life.


Apples are generally deemed as a healthy fruit. It has a good amount of vitamins & minerals, high in fiber & a good probiotic for the gut and also perhaps shown to improve heart health. However, this might not be the same for a person with severe diabetes or one who is on a KETO diet as one of their main objectives is reduce sugar intake and lower blood glucose.

Milk/ Breast milk, aren’t they once the best nutrition that we were first fed with? It is filled with colostrum, essential fatty acids that feeds the baby with the necessary nourishment. But do we continue to drink breast milk, or even milk as we develop and grow? Do you think it is a supply & convenience issue? Or is it because our bodies and our nutritional needs have evolved and changed as we grow?

By labelling a food to be healthy, is an acknowledgement of its specific benefits & purpose. But does it mean that it is healthy and good for everyone? Not necessarily so. 

The fact is, sometimes we need certain macronutrients over another, other times we have to avoid a certain mineral, and another time we should moderate the intake of a specific substance.

Our nutritional requirements, physical activities, mental capabilities, emotional stability, needs to be adapted daily, weekly, constantly. Particularly so in this fast changing world & ever evolving surrounding.

Knowledge & understanding how a specific food can benefit you or fuel your health goals or personal situation is what is truly healthy.

Empower Yourself: Eat mindfully + Practice food consciousness + Know why you are eating what you are eating.

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