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28 Day Ketobiotic Reset for Women

Clara See

Here are the details of my adaptation of 28 day Ketobiotic Reset for women. The main framework came from @Dr Mindy Pelz but I have modified and adapted some points in reference to local context & also to my own research from various medical & nutritional sources. 

Step 1: Find our which day of your cycle you are on. The first day being the number 1 day your period started the last time. You can make a rough estimate if you are not sure. 📌

Step 2: Refer to the Ketobiotic Chart and start according to the day of your cycle. For e.g. if you are on the 16 day of your cycle, follow the meal instructions of Day 16. If your cycle is irregular or messed up like mine, simply start from Day 1. 🗓 

Step 3: Menstrual cycles can range from 21-35 days for adults, which is 28 days on average for most. It will be best to complete the 28 day reset regardless of when you start. E.g. if you start on Day 12, continue with the diet throughout & end on Day 12 as well. 

Step 4: Scroll to Keto Days Image 🥗🥘🥥🥑

Step 5: Scroll to Hormones Building Days Image 🐟🥦🍠🌰🍵

Step 6: Buy organic, local, pesticides free, wild caught and reliably sourced foods if possible. 🌿 Impurities & pollutants can disrupt our endocrine system & hormones. 

Step 7: Meditation & exercise 🧘‍♀️ helps to regulate our moods and stimulate the release of feel-good hormones. Even 5mins a day is better than none at all. 

Step 8: Go for a relaxing massage, 🛀🏻💆‍♀️ 🧖🏻‍♀️ sauna, dry brushing or simple breathing exercises

Step 9: Look at the products/supplements you apply on your skin or consume. Watch out for hormones, harmful chemicals or synthetic ingredients. Try to go as natural as possible. 💊

Step 10: A happy heart & relaxed mind is as important as a healthy body. There might be times which you are tempted, times which you stay focused & times which you fall off the wagon. Whatever happens, simply give yourself a pat on the back and continue the path 👍🏻 

A winner is one who never quits 🏅 


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